Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Anyone taking a trip usually has a destination in mind. I'm sure there are some out there who are spontaneous enough that a destination is to limiting. But for those of us who want a goal at the end, a vision is what you foresee being your final destination. A vision is usually bigger than you can imagine, harder than you can fathom, and more wonderful than you can wish for.
Do you have a vision for your life? What three measurable goals would you hope to accomplish before you die? A modified "bucket-list." I'll share with you some of mine, maybe it will spark some things for you. By the way, these are not my BIG three, just a list in general. I would love to see Europe, the Holy Land, maybe even India. I would love to write a book (topic unknown). I think it would be cool to hang out with John MacArthur, a spiritual giant, and Harrison Ford, my movie hero.
So, after you list your three, start making goals to reach them. Yeah, these aren't just pie-in-the-sky ideas, these have to be measurable goals, remember? What are my three goals, you ask? Ask me sometime and I'll tell you.
I want my church to spend the month of November on a sort of spiritual vision quest. What does our Sovereign Lord want our, His, church to be. I believe that if we can get an idea of who we are to be then we can begin deciding what we are to do.
Some of you may be thinking, "this sounds purpose-driven to me." I guess so, if that helps you wrap your mind around it. I went through the purpose-driven fad, but I still like the biblical view of knowing who I am in Jesus. I think this is possible for a specific group of believers too.
Anyway, back to my church who I've asked to pray, read, meditate and fast to ask the Lord to show us who we, as a specific body of Christ, are to be and become. I find this to be a fascinating task. I believe that God will unite His people and show a collection of individuals several dreams that when put together become one united vision.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

You are Loved

Hey, two Sunday's ago, CrossPoint gave Tricia and I two wonderful gifts and a card full of warm words.
I just want all of my church family to know how much we appreciated your awareness of Pastor appreciation month by recognizing us. So many Pastors are out there hurting and alone, even when they are surrounded by their church.
CrossPoint, you did a really honorable thing by "appreciating" us.
Well, you are loved, Beloved of God!
I am sure there more ways for me to let you know that Tricia and I love you, but I hope you read this and know it.

"We love you!"

One thing I have a passion for is discipling people. An aspect of discipling is to admonish and teach. If you or someone you know is struggling with life issues/struggles, please let us know. I would love to sit down with them and prayerfully help them/you through any tough times.