Monday, June 29, 2009

Fear Yahweh and Serve Him, 1 Samuel 12

Who can deliver me from my enemies? Yahweh, the sovereign Lord!

Does anyone or anything love me like Yahweh? NO!

Then why does my heart desire cheap, useless, base, corrupt things as satisfaction? Why do I sit down and waste an hour in front of the TV? I say to relax, to drain off the days rubbish piled up on my shoulders. But, why don't I sit and listen to glorious music that lifts my soul to heaven? Why don't I read a refreshing word from an amazing saint? Why do I engage in frivolous talk with other people, as if talking about the weather and what hollywood icon just died could make any eternal dfference? Why do I not instead speak of Jesus Christ, His pleasure over us, His displeasure over sin, His glorious work in my life and the life of others?

No one can rescue me from my sin saturated soul, like Jesus.

No one can give me peace and rest, like Jesus. No one can raise me above my adversities and heart-breaks, like Jesus.

Fear Yahweh and Serve Him, 1 Samuel 12

Monday, June 8, 2009

Do I Miss God daily?

Israel's stubborn hearts are seen all the way back to Egypt when the people would grumble at Moses for their predicament. Israel never did seem to remain consistent in their love and obedience of their Saving God. How is it they saw the hand of God time after time and still they would grumble and rebel. Makes me wonder how obvious God is in my life and i don't see Him at work. Did only the Old Testament writers inspired by the Spirit of God see God at work? Did all the rest not see Him? Were they really that blinded? Did they not remember their grandparents telling them about the Exodus or the Jordan splitting or the walls of Jericho falling down? And yet they continually disobeyed God?

How bad off am I? Do I refuse to acknowledge God and His benevolence over me everyday for lack of spiritual clarity?

Am I missing God in my wife's embrace, in the warm sun on my face? Am I mistaking the joy of being a parent because I have to discipline my children?

Scripture reveals to me this awesome and ridiculously dangerous God. When I begin trying to find Him in my daily choices I idolize Him as self-help. How dare I reduce this untrappable God into my human viewpoint.

I have the privilege of living in the days of "The Book." People had to seek out the seer to discern the will of God, yet I can open this book and see Yahweh working and interacting with His people. I can read the apostle's words as they clarify how I am to worship, serve, and love others.

So, am I missing God daily? Yes, when I fail to open the Holy Book of Scripture and read.

May we all have such a deep longing for God that we begin to ingest the Word as if it were a fabulous steak dinner.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Fasting is Hard

Even though I have preached two sermons on the topic, to do it is so hard. I can do a 24 hour fast, but man, I eat everything in site at hour 24:01. I'm thinking that to fast for longer I may have to go into it slow, eat less food, than no food, than eat more food, and than back to normal.

I did it for a 24 hour period and all hell broke loose. I am confident that the enemy has been extra active because I have taken my prayers more seriously. The attacks have come mostly in my mind, stuff that really hurts, or really frightens me. Those attacks are causing me to get more serious about fasting. My plan is to do a 24 hour fast every week. Check with me later and see if I am keeping up with that! The flesh is so strong.

The attacks have also caused me to pray for intentionally. I find myself turning my thought more to prayer rather than just allowing them to be thoughts that go no where.

How is your fasting going?