Monday, August 3, 2009

Sin's Consequences

Is sin costly or does our salvation remove all of the consequences?

We know we are saved from the penalty of sin (justification) at the moment of our salvation. Sanctification is our being saved from sins power. When we stand in glory before Jesus we will be glorified, saved from sin's presence.

As believers all of our sin is covered by the blood. In salvation we come to that realization and acknowleding Jesus as our "personal" Savior. But, does that nullify the consequences of our sin? Let us say I have a hidden sin that no one knows about. I struggle with it daily, some days are better than others. On the days when I give into it what are the consequences? If no one knows, then I alone struggle with the misery of knowing I committed a sin before a holy God. How do I know if God is disciplining me? When I get sick is it sickness or God's rod? When I wreck my car, break my favorite item, smash my toe could this be consequences or coincidence?

What keeps God's children continuing to maturity? God knows I am not perfect, he knows I will struggle with my sin until the day I die. So, what should make me want to not sin? If I am completely forgiven what do I have to worry about? I got my "Ticket to Heaven!"