Sunday, November 15, 2009

"If God is for us, who can be against us?" The Apostle Paul

What are you doing to extend the Gospel Call to the masses? Are you speaking to co-workers? Are you going overseas to help plant a church?

What are you doing to minister to your neighbors? Do you have a game plan for preaching the Gospel to them? "I don't know how to start," you protest. How about just getting to know them. When you drive in and out of your neighborhood, simply wave, say hello. Take walks up and down your neighborhood and speak to the people you see. Get to know them!

Once you at least know their first name, plan your next stage of attack, building trust.

Tricia and I are planning on taking a pie to each of our immediate neighbors this Thanksgiving.

When they look at you like you're trying to sell them something, just tell them you want them to know you are here for them and want to be neighborly. Of course, if that is not true, then get in your prayer closet and plead for God to break you heart concerning your neighbors. That is the surest first step in evangelizing the lost.

Saying hello and being friendly will begin to give you credibility with them.

The KEY is to really, really, really have a genuine concern for their them!!!

Now, how about your family? Do you and your spouse spend time in prayer for the Kingdom of God to be extended on earth because of your lives?

Are you having family worship? "What is that?" you ask. It is simply the head of the household sitting the entire family down for Scripture reading and discussion, prayer, and the reading of biblical or missionary stories together.

The greatest mission field you have is right in your own home. How dare you think you can serve in the church with integrity while your family goes to hell! Watch quality shows together, play video games together. Spend time together! Ultimately, preach the Gospel to your children.

Let's go church! Let us do the business of the Kingdom!