Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Forgiving a Sinner Like Me

Christ's love - amazing!

Christ's forgiveness - astounding!!

As I think about my own sinfulness, I am amazed at Christ's forgiveness.  I have never killed anyone, raped, abducted, or done anything too heinous.  Yet, my sinfulness would have sent me to eternal damnation unless Christ had opened my eyes to reveal my need for Him.  Wow!  

Scripture tells me that to even break one of the laws makes me guilty of breaking all of them.  

Scripture also tells me that One Man died for all sins.

I am eternally grateful to Jesus, and this is why I worship Him, teach His principles to my children, and this is what drives me when I preach the Book.  

No matter how detestable our sins, His blood is potent enough to wash it away.  Amazing!

Absolutely amazing!!!

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