Sunday, May 24, 2009

Making Your Voice Heard on High

Remember in the movie "The Goonies" when Sloth discovered his echo in the cave. He thought it was great to yell his name and hear it echo off the walls further away. I love that movie.

Anyway, in Isaiah 58, the Lord speaking through Isaiah announces the sin of his fasting people. Although they fast, they do not do it in such a way as to be heard by God.

The Lord tells them that their fast is done with a sinful motive and so their voice is not heard on high. I love that imagery. I can imagine my desperate prayer in a time of fasting echoing off the halls of heaven. An echo calling for God to do a greater work in my life. An echo crying to God to save the lost around me. An echo screaming for my Rescuer to come and restore me after my dreadful sin.

Fasting is a deep desire on our part to tell God how serious we are to hear from Him.

Fast this week and listen for your echo and watch for your Redeemer riding in on His thunderous clouds to save you!!!

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