Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Effects of Godly Fear

God is not to be feared, He is love and would never want us to fear Him. How else will the world come to accept His message of love in the gospel?

This may sound good, but "God is a consuming fire."

Evangelicals have lost their holy fear of the All-Consuming-Fire. God will seperate the sheep from the goats, without favoritism, without prejudice, and without emotional frenzy. He will allow those who have feared Him to come into His presence. Those who fear Him not, will be cast into the fire prepared for the devil and his angels.

Oh, church when will we awake to the supremacy of our God and His greatness? If we would, then we would see that His desire is to be the greatest power known to man. We would see that the un-redeemed have need to fear this God for thier soul's sake. As long as they refuse to make His name known through their lives, then they have every reason to fear.

As beleivers in Jesus Christ, then, we should fear this God who will one day burn up the earth with fire, and send the perishing into their eternal torment. To fear Him is to regard His absolute supremacy and desire to make Him well known through-out the earth.

Shout it from the roof tops, "Yahweh, He is the Lord!"

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Troy S. said...

Amen! I enjoyed reading this Paul.