Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Crazy and Darkness

What am I talking about? Two books God is really using to change lives.

First, is Francis Chan's "Crazy Love." I am reading it a second time after watching the transformation God has done in Rob Daniels life from reading it. When I read it the first time Tricia and I were blown away and really began to look at God in a more amazed way. Then, watching Rob read it and he and I would have conversations, I began to remember how awesome this little book was. So now, reading it a second time and a lot slower has been real nourishment to my soul. Pastor Chan has a wonderful writing skill of taking scripture and making it alive. In chapter two when he talks about the gentleman who died after delivering the eulogy of a friend is a really moving portrait.

The second book is "The Darkness and The Glory" by Greg Harris. It is much less known and I would never have found it had it not been given to me. I am only three chapters in and I am already awed at the cross of my Lord once more. When you think no one can write another book on the cross, God illuminates another faithful servant to write another fabulous book. This is it! Like a hard working expository Pastor he digs in to the text and blows you away at how the whole of Scripture is so unified in portraying our saving God. In the first two chapters he reveals why the cross was so bloody. It wasn't just because the Romans were really mean guys. They were really mean guys because the murderer from the beginning was behind it all, you know Satan. There is no heresy here, just TRUTH, clear and profound.

If you are looking for two good books to add to your shelf, these are worthy!

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