Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Do We Really Love?

Do Christians really love like they are supposed to?

When Jesus says we are to love our enemies and then says if they slap us on the cheek we are to turn to them the other cheek, is He just being facitious? Or, does He really mean it?

Luke records Jesus' words in Chapter six, verses 32-36, saying that the unconverted person will only love those who love them back. Jesus says that this is no credit to His people if that is all we reciprocate. If we only love those who will love us back and do good to those who do good to us and only lend to those with whom we expect to recieve back then we have fallen short.

Jesus really raises the bar on His people!

To turn the other cheek is to go beyond people's expectations of love. To give them our shirt after they have taken our coat is to go beyond comprehension of true love.

Jesus reminds us that His Father is gracious to the ungrateful and evil and that He is a merciful father. If we are to be sons and daughters of the Most High God then we too must be gracious and merciful. This is no small feat!

But, why, why must we love like this?

Because Godly love makes the Gospel believable!

They may be our enemies, but one day they will stand before a holy God and then they will see who their real enemy is. God will destroy all His enemies on the last day. So, today is the day of their salvation. They cannot wait until judgment day - it will be to late!

We must show them Godly love, so that we will have a platform for presenting the Gospel to them.

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