Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Book of Man by William Bennett - A Review

"The Book of Man" is written similarly to Bennett's "The Book of Values" and "The Moral Compass." It is chocked full of small stories, poems, excerpts from other great books, and articles all surrounding the topic of manhood. The book is broken into six major topics:
  1. Man in War
  2. Man at Work
  3. Man in Play, Sports, and Leisure
  4. Man in the Polis (city)
  5. Man with Women and Children
  6. Man in Prayer and Reflection
One new aspect of this work not seen in Bennett's other works are the personal profile's scattered throughout the book. In each profile we are introduced to modern day men who fulfill the aspects of that particular topic. For example we read of Alvin York (Sargeant York) from WWI fame.

I love this book.  It has become a staple of mine and my boys reading times.  I am excited to introduce them to men of all ages and walks of life who display manly characteristics and devoted lives to God, their families, and their country.  This is a wonderful book! 

It has caused me to want to read more about President Theodore Roosevelt.  There are several excerpts from his life in this book and those alone has caused me to devour another book about him and I have begun an in-depth treatment of his life and legacy.  I think my response is what Dr. Bennett would want.  He understands that men need heroes and that we crave adventure and daring challenges.  "The Book of Man" has done that for me.  It has created in me a hunger for understanding the great men of all times. 

Great book!  Get it today!  Get it for your sons! 

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