Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Radical is SUPER Challenging!

Radical is a Keith Green song that convicts the snot out of you.  Radical is a John MacArthur sermon that tells you you have been in to see the King and you left changed.  Each chapter digs a little deeper into your view of the American dream and dares to challenge it against the Lord Jesus Christ.  David Platt is a true prophet for our modern day. 

What I liked about this book:  nothing.  But not a "nothing" like you think I mean.  I didn't like it because it did what the Word says God's truth will do.  It divides out thoughts and our intentions and reveals them for what they are.  I am not comparing this book with Scripture, but Mr. Platt teaches in this book straight from the biblical text, and when that is done the truth is unavoidable. 

I am considering making this book a prerequisite for my church to read with me in the hopes that it will drive all of us to a deeper place with the Lord Jesus.  David Platt has done Americans a great dis-service, but for the Kingdom of our God and Savior he has done what is necessary.  Shown us our idols in America.  We are to repent.

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