Monday, October 22, 2012

Young Men - Death Pursues like a Hungry Wolf

Young men, you must face the inevitable truth that you will die one day. Death pursues all men like a hungry wolf after its lame prey. Death is one of the few guarantees of life. You most certainly will face it. Whether young or old it does not matter. I have stood beside the graves of old men and young men. Death is no respecter of age.

Do you think you will worry about death tomorrow? Tomorrow is guaranteed to no man! The Bible tells you today is the day of salvation, you must never assume you will awake to a new day.

Am I being morbid and frightening to you? Good, these are things you must ponder and not only ponder but decide today what your conviction will be regarding death. "Today is Gods day, tomorrow is the devils." It is your duty, young man, to seek after the Lord Jesus. For it is only in Him that you will find life eternal. Just as sure as death is, so is the potential of salvation thru Jesus. You must not neglect this great salvation available to you.

Death is only a step away, only one final breath away, only one fatal car crash away. Of all the amazing things in life none is as amazing as a heart of unbelief. One of the most powerful prophecies begins with, "Who has believed our message?" Young man, you must consider what I have told you. You must not be complacent, death is quite active; neither lazy, for death is a diligent workman; neither indifferent, for death has already marked you out for its prey. You cannot stop death, but you can be prepared to face it. You can face death confidently if you have confidence in the Lord Jesus and His salvation of your life.

(A modern re-telling of Ryle's "Thoughts for Young Men)

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