Sunday, June 8, 2008

Adorning the Gospel

It was amazing to me how God was stirring in my soul Sunday morning. As a Pastor I try not to be completely dedicated to my notes. I certainly did not dedicate this Sunday morning. God was really speaking to me about areas of my life and how they were out of balance. I truly believe that God was also speaking to some of you.

As I was preaching the Lord showed me this visual of walking up to the base of the cross of our Lord and just hugging it. It was just after they had taken our Lord down, so everything was still fresh. The dark clouds, the weeping people, and the cross. I knelt down and clung to the cross and smelt the wretched odor of blood and sweat. The blood still running down the beam and touching upon my cheek. These were real. That was real. Cling to the cross this week. Place your fingers in the holes made by the nails. Smell the blood, see the stains in the crevices of the wood. Imagine why He died there, for you...

for you...

for you....

When we realize fully what He died for, whom He died in place of, then we will begin to have a real understanding of our salvation. Our salvation will become precious. Our lives will become meaningful. Others lives will become important. Life is not about jobs, or retirement. It is about Jesus, the cross, the lost, the party awaiting us at the end.

Ponder this week the cross.

Ponder how this pondering will em-blazen your adornment of the gospel.

Life is about adorning the gospel.

Leave comments, I would love to know what God is showing you also.

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