Wednesday, May 21, 2008

What Really Happened in Colorado Part Three

While we were in Colorado we visited Pike's Peak, it was amazing. I wrote this in my journal after we visited the Peak.

Tuesday, August 7th of 2007 at 4:25pm I wrote:

Coming down from Pikes Peak there was such thick clouds we couldn't see very far down. I thought how being a Christian is like living on the mountain It is majestic, breath-taking, soothing, and dangerous. But only if you can see without the clouds obstructing the view of just how high up you really are. When the clouds roll in we forget how wonderful it is to be up so high. When we forget our Lord and walk in our desires it is the same as the clouds rolling in. We can get used to this exhilerating life our Sovereign Lord has given us, take it for granted. We can lose sight of how majestic, breath-taking, soothing and dangerous He is. The difference between Pikes Peak and me - I can control the clouds.

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