Wednesday, May 21, 2008

What Really Happened in Colorado Part Two

One of my callings was to be a counselor. In fact as I was graduating from college I thought that counseling was to be my profession. A timely word from my Youth Pastor, Mike Jarrett, that ultimately came from God was not to go down that road. The Lord birthed that desire, but it would not be born until these last couple of years.

Little by little God has been teaching me about counseling and I have had some wonderful opportunities to counsel teenagers, marriages, and men. I love it.

While in Colorado one of our requirements was to take a personality test. They used one of the best, the Myers-Brigg Personality Indicator. It is really thorough and helps a person to discover who God designed them to be. I am excited, because you have to seek approval to be able to purchase this material and use it. I was accepted and can use it. I hope to eventually get some in-depth training with it. But, for now I hope to incorporate it into my pastoring work of counseling.

Tricia and I have received so many godly words from people who we love. They have spoken endearing words into our hearts and we are better because of it. People like my parents, my in-laws, Pastors, and friends. I believe that God wants Tricia and I to be able to do the same for other souls who are hurting and in need of guidance.

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