Thursday, December 31, 2009

Sin's Consequences Part II

I began a post several months ago that needs a part 2.

In that first post i asked what are the consequences of our sin? Are there any? Would I know it if I saw it, especially in light of a secret sin that no one know's about. As opposed to some obvious sin that effects other people around me.

Here is my own answer: whether anyone knows the sin or not and whether there are consequences or not my sin offends God. If we are looking for loop holes in our sin life, trying to hang on to those "darlings" of lust, anger, jealousy, vanity, envy, slander, gossip, gluttony, drunkenness, rebellion, etc infinity, then we had better be careful.

Why do we get worried over what will happen to us? Why aren't we more concerned with committing sin againt God. Do you wonder if Jesus rubs the scars in His hands everytime you sin?

Let our hearts be broken over our sin against our heavenly Father.


JP said...

This is very true. We have to struggle for the proper world view, for the Biblical worldview. The secular world tells us that our faith is simply a moral code or even simpler, a list of dos and donts. Even the most devout can fall into this trap of legalism at times. Legalism is all about punishment and reward. When we see sin through the lense of legalism we weigh the consequence against the lust and may be unwilling to follow through if we can SEE a consequence. However, if look at sin through the lense of love, (which is how Jesus summed up the Law and the prophets) it is never worth breaking our Savior's heart.

R9 - The Teacher said...

I look at Jesus' deep teaching to the disciples in Mark 9:42-50 and the hyperbole he used to make his point and I think the answer to how Jesus views Sin and God views sin is clear. It it our blindness and a low view of God that keeps us from seeing how serious sin is...