Monday, December 28, 2009

Survived Another Christmas

Like most of you I survived another Christmas. It has been a wonderful season of relaxing days off of work, playing more with my boys, spending time with my parents, working with my dad on various tasks like putting together a trampoline in the cold, and observing the celebration of Christ's advent more than the mall adventure.

My boys actually received fewer gifts this year (we are in get out of debt mode), yet they had a great time and there were no, "Is this it?", "Where's the XBox?" I was proud of my boys!

Although America is overly commercialized with newer and better, I am finding that a separated life from all the thrills and frills is quite possible. At one time I could not imagine not watching two or three movies a week, getting the newest CD available, or having the coolest new gadget or thing. Now, I realize how foolish most of those things have been. The Word of God tells me to be content with what I have and that true wealth is found in the knowledge and righteousness of God.

My prayer for you -- discover the wealth of God's righteousness and not the world's empty promises.

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