Monday, July 18, 2011

The Story of Wolverton Part 2

As time went by the Major did what most Mayors do, he kept the roads free from holes, kept the village square nice and neat, made sure the village events were wonderful and fun for all. But, he also seemed to be a little nosey. He occasionally could be seen reprimanding some of the younger folks in town about their actions and ways. But, he also frequented the residents homes and genuinely expressed love towards the people of Wolverton. And soon the attacks began on the Mayor and his family. Small things at first, his horse being scared out of the barn, chickens killed, but then it got a little more serious when the Mayor's wife was attached in broad daylight behind the city hall. All of the attacks were clearly committed by werewolves.
One thing about werewolves you must know is that they eventually will reveal themselves. For they are sloppy beasts and although usually lurking in the shadows they do like to be seen by men. The wolves of Wolverton did not attack and kill for the draw of blood, but of something else. They liked the power they could sway over the other residents of Wolverton. If two neighbors had a disagreement, the one who had his home attacked would always back down from the disagreement the next day. Like I said, everyone knew there were werewolves. They were neighbors, co-worders, and for some even family members.
Well, the Mayor went on the offensive and began confronting these man-wolves. Most would deny it, but many began to be found guilty. Things were changing in Wolverton and this did not sit well with the Old Man of the village.
The day came when the Mayor went to the Old Man's home and confronted him on some glaring events that pointed to the Old Man being a werewolf. Well, the Old Man blew into a rage and threw the Mayor out of his home. The Mayor, knowing he had stirred up a hornets nest, went home to prepare for the attacks that were sure to come.
That night the Old Man came lurking to the Mayor's home in his werewolf form. He planned to put that Mayor in his place and show him who really ran Wolverton. Unbeknowst to the Old Werewolf the Mayor had two other men in his home whom he had taught the vital weapon so needed to stop the werewolves. When the Old Werewolf attacked the men used the weapon wounding him.
The next morning as the villagers began to emerge from their homes and begin their daily business they found quite a sight. There in the town square was the Mayor, his two comrades, and the Old Man morphing back and forth between his shape as a man and as a wolf. The Old Werewolf would growl and snap his fangs at the Mayor, but he had been wounded. The Mayor and his men sat gently nearby talking to the Werewolf and the people of Wolverton saw the Old Man for who he really was. It did not take long for them to gather their courage and drive the Old Man out of Wolverton, even out of their county!
The people were thrilled that the Mayor had been successful in vanquishing the worst werewolf Wolverton had ever known. As the days passed the other wolves began to move on quietly and stop their harassments. Some even learned to squelch there wolf instincts all together. You see the Mayor had a weapon so powerful, that it drew the villagers together in unity and purpose. They saw that this weapon displayed in their Mayor’s life was so much more powerful than any fear or intimidation that the wolves had ever used. This weapon the Mayor used? It is the power of love. Self-sacrificing, honoring one another, putting others first L-O-V-E! The Mayor taught the villagers that love is to serve one another and honor one another. Before, if someone didn't like you or your idea they would bully you into submission with their wolf tactics. But, with everyone serving and honoring each other, there was no reason to bully. The village did begin to thrive like never before. People came from all over because homes were safe, the economy was strong, and they knew they were safe from wolves.
Are there wolves in your village? If not now, there will be someday, I promise. And will you be ready to fight for your village and confront those who would seek to devour your loved ones with their fear and threats? The only weapon you have is love. You must love your village more than yourself and love them so much you would be willing to fight off the wolves.

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