Monday, July 18, 2011

The Story of Wolverton

Once upon a time there was a simple little village called Wolverton. It was a seemingly normal village frequented by many travelers on its highly busy road. The village was comprised of long standing citizens but most villagers only stayed for a short while in Wolverton before moving on. For you see Wolverton had its problems, but not ordinary problems. Wolverton was full of werewolves.
These wolves weren’t extremely dangerous, there had only been two humans killed in the last decade! Most werewolf events involved scaring children at night, the killing of a family pet or disturbing the livestock. Luckily for the villagers the two people who had been killed were the Wolverton’s Mayors. Needless to say this was not a job anyone in the village wanted. When the last Mayor vacated this position the village had to seek a new Mayor from far away.
A new Mayor they did find. He was a fine family man from a distant village that had become rather healthy under his leadership. He even knew about wolves and had rid his last village of a few. He told the citizens of Wolverton that he knew of a weapon long forgotten by most which could stop the wolves attacks. The newer villagers had never heard of such a weapon and older villagers had simply ignored the weapon until it was lost from their knowledge.
The villagers knew who were and who were not werewolves for the most part. There were some who were obvious and others not so much. The most obvious werewolf was the Old Man. He had lived in Wolverton since, well...since anyone could remember. Most people speculated that he had been the murderer of the two dead Mayors years ago. He was very friendly to all, but could always command respect out of any crowd. For the most part people avoided him out of fear, yet held him in high regard.
As time went by the Major did what most Mayors do, he kept the roads free from holes, kept the village square nice and neat, made sure the village events were wonderful and fun for all. But, he also seemed to be a little nosey. He occasionally could be seen reprimanding some of the younger folks in town about their actions and ways. But, he also frequented the residents homes and genuinely expressed love towards the people of Wolverton. And soon the attacks began on the Mayor and his family.
End of Part One

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