Thursday, September 13, 2012

James 2:17-26 "Are you really alive? Prove it!"

So many people talk of hypocrisy in the church. People talking like this are usually those on their way out the door or those who won't return to church.

Those of you without hypocrisy, go ahead and cast the first stone.

If your faith is really alive prove it by your works. Show me you can forgive your child's rapist, show me you can admit to being wrong, show me by loving me even when I tell you I've committed a grievous sin.

Show me by not leaving the church when things don't go your way and instead seek to confront lovingly, humbly, and mercifully.

Your faith without works is DEAD. Do we get that? Dead. Christ has not taken up residence in your life if your works aren't consistent with Christ's works! Not the healing, feeding 5000 type of works. The dying on the cross asking the father to forgive kind.

You are alive in Jesus? Prove it!

Read James 2:17-26.

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Barb said...

There is great truth in this post. I think this week I will spend some time in James to see what it reveals to me. God Bless! Barb