Friday, September 21, 2012

"Why People Come to Jesus"

Why don't more people come to Jesus? Are people who follow Jesus more privileged? Did we get lucky when we choose to follow Him? Why is the cross so intellectually offensive? A Christian can see how wonderful Jesus is, why can't people who are very clearly lost? Are Christians actually smarter than non-Christians?

First Corinthians 2:1-5 shows us that the Apostle Paul understood his preaching would not win anyone because of his brilliant rhetoric. He knew only one thing: the gospel as unfolded in Jesus. He knew that worldly wisdom was unsuccessful at converting anyone. He still used all persuasive methods available in that culture to move people to Jesus, but in the end Paul knew that the cross was foolishness to those outside of Jesus.

So what made the difference? What was it that converted the lost? It is the unfolding revelation of salvation provided by God through the work of Jesus.

But what makes the gospel message uniquely different? It is a work of God, not of any man, lest we boast of our salvation. God chooses the foolish things of the world to transform people so that we can see it truly is unique and only a work that God can do.

The best arguments in the world can be powerful, but it is the Spirit of God working through the preaching messenger that changes a persons soul, that removes the blinding veil from their eyes, that quickens their spirit to desire a relationship with Jesus.

People come to Jesus because God has ordained that the message spoken be the means of awakening.

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